What languages can I use to invoke an API?

The APIs exposed by EUIPO API follow open standards and be language and platform agnostic. Any system capable of forming a JSON string and issuing an HTTP request can be used to invoke a RESTful API. It is important to note that EUIPO does not restrict the technology you use to invoke the API.

Can I get a client for an API in my language of choice?

Clients usually take the form of generated source code, in the consumers language of choice, and provide a simpler mechanism for invoking the API without the need to build validation and/or data transformation mechanisms. EUIPO API does not provide clients for testing their APIs.

If you would like to use an API client rather than crafting the JSON payload and issuing HTTP requests, the machine-readable nature of EUIPOs OpenAPI descriptors means that a client generator can be used for many programming languages - see the OpenAPI Initiative (openapis.org) project page for examples.