Getting started

  1. Do you have an EUIPO account?

    To access our APIs you need an EUIPO account. Once you have logged in, using your account credentials there are two types of portals, Sandbox and Production, that you can access.

  2. Sandbox or Production?

    The Sandbox and Production portals have the same APIs. If you are new to EUIPO APIs or using a new version of an API, you should start with the Sandbox portal which gives you read/write access to test versions of our APIs using realistic sample data.

  3. Register an app

    After login, register your application in the 'My Apps' section. When you register an application, it is assigned a unique Client ID and Client Secret, which is used later when integrating with one of our APIs.

  4. Subscribe to APIs

    After registering your application, look through our API catalogue and find the one to suit your business needs, then request a subscription to an available plan.

    Each plan determines the number of calls that your application can make within in a specific period. You can now integrate the API(s) with your app(s), website or business system.

    Most subscription requests are subject to approval. Subscription requests for the Sandbox environment, can take up to a week; where requests for the production environment may take longer.